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GNAT! "Gnasty" CDr


Vile and depraved punk rock straight outta CinciGnati, GNAT's debut album is hereby condemned as an uncompromising cesspool of sex, violence, and an array of filthy things in between, which ends up basically sounding like a squeaky toy filled with snot. Did I mention the depravity? Did I mention the movie Basket Case II? 16 trax produced by John Hoffman as part of his legally required community service to avoid prison. Absolutely outrageous artwerk by Gabby Gryme (2012 Evolve imagery) who has clearly reached a new low along with her heinous cohorts Drella Fink, Mila Wrekked, and Dad Thrshrd (of The Creature, Sacred Spirits) Two color combo screenprinted CDR's, foldout poster/lyrix insert, vinyl stickers. Edition of 150, July 2013 via Realicide Youth Records, for the Pahnx!

hear/download GNAT!

We've included options to order "Gnasty" with 1.25" buttons, various screenprinted patches, Sewer City Breakfast zine (#1 from September 2011), and other items of shamelessly poor taste!

*** GNAT's super last minute copies of this album for their July 2013 tour with The Creature had a few technical & production errors. We reprinted the discs later, but if you got a CD without a Muppet intro, #13 sounding like a DJ Screw remix, or any other unintended deformities, write to and we'll set it straight!