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This is an undeniably dark and socio-politically radical hip hop mix tape, the 6th full length Evolve release since its conception in 2002. Created summer 2010 through early 2011 in Cincinnati, REALITY GUERRILLA continues the project's emphasis on the cut-up approach to daily life and decisions, however in this work production is sharper and more reliant on chopping break and sampling music rather than the often garbled tape collages that encoated previous Evolve albums. Colin Murray again handles beat and synth production, both hardware and software, extensive editing along with lyrics aligned to themes of urban anxieties and the general pressures inherent in surviving an American capitalist society. The breakbeat and electronica styles are deviated from at times with dubstep-influenced production by Surgery Games, and Freak One of Cincinnati's Cem Com appears lyrically on several focal tracks. For anarchists, for people with an interest in magick, for people who need the radical origins of hip hop to be reclaimed and maintained, REALITY GUERRILLA is something to investigate... Originally a 62 minute cassette self-published April 2011, now a screenprinted CDR with fold-out lyrics poster via Realicide Youth Records, edition of 100, May 2012.